8 Insanely Easy Ways To Save Money On Groceries

3rd July 2017

For Mom

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Times are tough. From food to fuel, a lot of South African homes are feeling the pinch of forever-rising prices. But you don’t have to compromise on the health of your family in order to put food on the table.

Here are easy hacks that will allow you to create delicious and healthy meals for your family, without breaking the bank.

1. Buy in bulk

Look out for deals on dried goods like Twinsaver Luxury Twin Ply (2 ply) toilet tissue, which can be bought in bulk. And while dried goods are naturally easier to store, don’t be scared to add fresh produce to the list. When frozen correctly, items such as milk and even chips can be kept for much longer!

2. Shop around

Before you buy your groceries for the month, look out for sales. Some supermarkets even have loyalty programmes that will give you cash back. Also, such as SnapnSave will actually pay you for shopping on their platforms!

3. Never shop hungry

We’ve all heard this before – probably because it’s true. Avoid impulse buys by having a light snack before visiting the store.

4. Make it yourself

Pre-prepared products may be convenient, but they cost a little more. Make your own salad and spend less. Spruce things up by getting the kids to help shred the lettuce!

5. Visit the store once a month

Avoid impulse buys by buying groceries once a month. Use the Twinsaver Meal Planner to plan your family’s meals for a week at a time.

6. Buy only what you need

Do an inventory before heading to the nearest supermarket. Planning saves pennies!

7. Leave young kids at home

It can be difficult to say no to a young child in public. Avoid the situation and stick to the list by getting a babysitter so you can go grocery shopping alone.

8. Use what you have

Get creative with the grocery items you already have in your pantry and fridge. For inspiration, check out and


For more ways to save money on groceries, check out the following websites:




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