The 120 Second Shower Game

12th April 2017

Tips & Tricks

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Saving on water is as simple as a two minute shower. Get your children keen by telling them that they’re environmental warriors, and it’s their mission to save the world. Tell them that they have to be done with their shower before the two minute timer goes off, and encourage them by telling them that they’re doing their part to look after the planet.

1. Before the shower

To be fair, get the water to the right temperature first. Place an empty bucket under the shower while the water gets hot, so that that water isn’t wasted. You can use it to water the garden or potplants. Tell them to get ready for their mission by disrobing and standing by the shower.

2. Set the timer

While you wait for the water to warm up, set your phone timer to two minutes.

3. And… go!

  • 02:00 to 01:45 – Get wet all over! Raise your arms and wave them around. Do a little dance.
  • 01:45 to 01:15 – Shampoo your hair and then rinse it off.
  •  01:15 to 01:00 – Wash your face and then rinse.
  • 01:00 to 00:15 – Soap or scrub your arm pits and intimate areas, and then your arms, legs, and chest.
  • 00:15 to 00:00 – Rinse off, and as soon as you’re done, yell: “We’re saving the world!”

4. Share the game with your mom-friends
Share this article with all your mom-friends to get their children in on the game. One person can make a small difference, but if one person shares this article, the difference could be so much bigger!


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