The One-of-a-Kind One Bite Rule

26th April 2017

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So you’ve got your Twinsaver Meal Planner. Healthy eating is slowly but surely becoming a smoother, easier part of your family’s daily routine. But, there’s a hiccup – your child still won’t eat their vegetables.

Scientists and child psychologists have discovered a simple rule for getting your children to eat (if not enjoy) their greens, oranges, and yellows.

Don’t try to force your child to eat every last bit of their veggies, because it will begin to create even more negative feelings towards the yucky veggies. Instead, use the One Bit Rule.

Ask them to take just one bite every time you give them vegetables, and one bite will slowly turn into two bites, until eventually, they’ll eat them all up.

The science says that it’s got to do with prolonged exposure. Has there ever been a time when you got a pretty piece of house decoration, like a painting or a little statue? At first, you would look at it every time you walked past, but as the months went by, you noticed it less. The same applies to vegetables for your children. The more often they are exposed to the taste of the food item, the more they will come to accept it.

Here’s an example:

·         Monday – one bite of broccoli

·         Thursday – another bite of broccoli

·         The next Tuesday – yet another bite of broccoli

·         Etc.

It’s a slow process, so keep at it, and keep encouraging them to eat their healthy stuff. In a month or two’s time, test the One Bite rule by giving them a small portion of broccoli, and see if they eat it all, or even half. Don’t make a big deal out of it, and don’t let your child in on what’s going on. When they eat more of the vegetable than they ever have before, give them praise and let them know that they’re going to grow up big and strong now.

Let us know if the One-of-a-Kind One Bite Rule works for you, and share it with all your mom-friends.


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