Hulett Foil

Hulett aluminium foil is a ‘must have’ in any kitchen. The dispenser and refill rolls available in both heavy and light variants are essential for roasting, baking and summer braais. It also can be used for wrapping up leftovers and packing lunches, making it one of our most versatile products.


We also stock a range of Hulett aluminium foil food containers, from freezer packs and roasting pans to tart pans.

Hulett products

Available in:
– 5 m and 10 m – Heavy aluminium foil
– 5 m – Heavy aluminium foil refill
– 5 m and 10 m – Light aluminium foil
– 5 m – Light aluminium foil refill
– Small, Large and Mix – Freezer bags
– Aluminium foil tart pan
– Aluminium foil loaf pan
– Aluminium foil roast pan