Put the ‘chill’ into enchiladas with this zesty, cheesy take on a Tex-Mex staple, easy to make, and even more fun to eat!


• 6 chicken breasts, roughly chopped

• 2 large onion

• 1 tsp dried red chili flakes

• ½ tsp cumin powder

• ½ tsp BBQ spice

• ¼ tsp cinnamon

• 1 tsp crushed garlic

• 1 tsp brown sugar

½ cup chopped fresh coriander

• 2 tbsp sunflower oil

• ½ packet Cream of Chicken soup powder (dissolve in 400ml milk)

• 2 cup cooked rice

• 6 medium tortillas

• Salt & pepper to taste


• Pre-heat oven to 200°C.

• Mix the chicken, onion, spices, garlic and sugar together in a mixing bowl.

• Heat skillet on medium heat – add oil and fry the chicken mixture for 5min.

• Pour in the soup/ milk solution and cook for 10 min.

• Add the cooked rice and corn – stir till mixed well.

• Grease the bottom of a Twinsaver Foil Casserole Dish.

• Divide the chicken mix into 4 portions.  Scoop mixture into center of tortilla wrap and roll like a pancake. Place into foil dish.  Repeat with the other 3 wraps.

• Sprinkle cheese over top and bake till cheese melts.

• Serve with sour cream and freshly chopped tomato and onion mixture.

COOKING TIP: Enchiladas freeze well.  Cover and freeze before adding the cheese on top. Defrost before melting cheese on top.

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