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December and holiday go hand-in-hand but travelling with kids can sometimes take the ‘holi’ out of holiday. The key to travelling with little ones is to prepare, prepare and prepare again.

One can never have too many Twinsaver Tissues on board.
Here are a few tips on travelling with the kids made easier!


A first aid kit is always essential – there may not be one where you’re headed and I’ve never heard anyone say that you carry too many plasters.

Must haves in your handy first aid kit: plasters, medical tape, latex gloves, tweezers (for the sneaky thorns), mosquito repellent, Burn Shield and bandages. A parent should always expect the unexpected.

Along with a first aid kit, it always a good idea to load the car with a bag containing few a things that you will need along the way. Grocery bags for rubbish, water bottles, extra underwear and a few extra T-shirts for the toddlers. Don’t forget the Twinsaver twin ply single rolls for when there has been a “whoops”.



It can become expensive buying food every time you stop at a petrol station. Plan ahead and get the kids some of their favourite snacks. Hold back on buying sweet treats though – it is December (the month of food).

Fruit works great for snacks. They’re low in natural sugar and the mess after is nothing a wet wipe can’t wipe away. Try these for the next road trip:

  • Bananas
  • Strawberries*5
  • Naartjies
  • Apples
  • Cut up water melon



Are we there yet? How long until we get there? Do these questions ring a bell?
Travelling with kids for long distances can make it seem like the coastline is driving away from you instead of you driving towards it. If you have a tablet or phone, make sure it’s charged and you carry a car charger with you for just in case! Otherwise, activity books work wonders, as well as their favourite toys to keep them distracted from time moving slowly.

Don’t forget about all the packing before the road trip though! Use this checklist to be sure you have everything:

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