As a partner to you and your family, it makes sense that we provide you with a helping hand in the kitchen and in almost every other part of your house.

In fact, there are over 101 uses for our Twinsaver Roller Towels (yes, we’ve counted!) They’re made with a blend of premium fibres with Super Soaker Pockets, designed to cope with whatever spills life throws at you. They are super strong and more absorbent, perfect to wipe up any spills around the home. Whether you prefer classic white or colourful embossed roller towels, we’ve definitely got you covered!

Mighty Big Roller Towel

Bigger is better

It’s the Mighty Big Roller towel solution for all occasions.


Fire up your braai or pack your picnic basket, because there’s MORE good times on every roll!


Whether you’re in the kitchen, around the braai or on a camping trip, be prepared for all the thrills and spills with the Mighty Big kitchen towel.


Why you need the Mighty Big:

  • – 1 Mighty Big = 3 standard rolls
  • – Extra strength for enhanced performance
  • – Extra absorbent Super Soaker PocketTM technology


Available in:

– Single
– 2 Pack

Green Choice Roller Towel

Make the smart choice

Using Twinsaver Green Choice disposable roller towels to easily wipe up spills and keep your home hygienic. They’re the quick, convenient solution for a cleaner home, and a greener planet.


Why make the Green Choice?:

  • – 100% sustainable material
  • – 100% recyclable packaging
  • – Strong & absorbent


Available in:

– 2 Pack
– 4 Pack

Select a size Roller Towel

You choose what you use

Introducing our most absorbent roller towel ever. Double perforated to give you the freedom to tear off just what you need.


Available in:

– 2 Pack