Grass and tree pollen allergies cause untold misery for millions of South Africans every Spring and Summer. Apart from causing red eyes, runny noses and painful sinus inflammation high airborne pollen levels can be dangerous for those suffering from asthma and other respiratory disorders.


The bad news is that South Africa’s pollen levels are rising steadily. Parts of the country have recorded pollen levels of 235 grains per cubic metre at times in 2019 (with 50 grains being considered a very high level). The bad news is that this is not getting better any time soon. According to the UCT Lung Institute the amount of tree pollen in the air is 14% higher than it was a decade ago as the effects of climate change increasingly affect the flowering cycle of plants and trees. (Source: University of Cape Town Lung Institute)


We’re here to help…


Of course you can depend on South Africa’s no. tissue brand, Twinsaver for quality facial tissues that provide soothing softness for when pollen season misery strikes, but we’re also helping allergy sufferers manage their symptoms by co-sponsoring The Real Pollen Count SA website which gives weekly updates about the pollen count status across the country, allowing you to plan your activities around allergy sufferers in your family, pack (or stock up on) any necessary medications – or even stay indoors entirely if the count is dangerously high and your symptoms are severe.


It’s also full of information about the importance of the pollen monitoring project, expert advice and useful hints and tips for those suffering from pollen allergies, visit it here.

We know just how hard pollen season can be for your sensitive nose. Why not give it some extra care with our lotionised facial tissues with soothing Vitamin E and Calming Camomile tissues? Your nose will thank you for it.


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