Versatile Twinsaver Hygiene

From quick refreshers to unexpected spills, our products are your go-to companions for a clean and convenient lifestyle. Unleash the versatility and elevate your hygiene routine with Twinsaver—because cleanliness should adapt to your dynamic lifestyle!”

When last were those ATM buttons sanitized? Why take the risk? Simply fold a Twinsaver tissue over your fingertips before pressing the buttons and grabbing your cash and receipt.
Play it safe at every toll booth and till point when you’re paying cash. Fold a Twinsaver tissue in the palm of your hand to receive your change then simply wrap it and drop it into your bag or car cup holder until you have time to sanitise your coins. Hygienic care everywhere.
Got to sign that important document right now? Delivery guy needs you to fill in your details before handing over your parcel? But, you don’t have your own pen handy? Don’t worry, you can use a Twinsaver tissue to hold any pen until you can sanitise safely.
Access control keyboards, lift buttons, parking ticket dispensers…you can’t be too careful with hygiene nowadays. Use a Twinsaver facial tissue to push the buttons you need to get where you want to be and dispose of it straight away. Stay safe with Twinsaver.
It’s a great idea to carry some of your favourite Twinsaver facial tissues with you wherever you go – use a tissue to open door handles and dispose straight after use. Our 3 Ply Pocket Packs are perfect for your handbag or your back to school hygiene kit. Stay safe with Twinsaver.
Did you know? Our Twinsaver style tubes have been designed to fit snugly into the cup holders of most cars, perfect for on-the-go hygiene #BlowAndThrow wherever you go.